Solar Spirit guided us towards rebate for commercial and residential solar panels Melbourne

Switching to solar energy is very tempting and undoubtedly the right thing to do. When I planned to go solar I did some internet research and found that in a couple of years those panels would technically be free and I would be saving money on the electricity bills instead. Although there lied a huge obstacle in the way of doing so- Solar systems are costly as they are. I knew that I could apply for a loan but the interest was going to be huge as well. I had almost dropped the plan of installing solar panels until I met Solar Spirit. They guided me through the process of solar rebates and well yeah, everything became good again!

A huge misconception that I had about solar rebates was that it must be like a cheque which will come in the mail. Solar rebate is actually a line item discount applicable to the quote which reduces the amount we need to pay.

The rebate system is a scheme run by the federal government to promote the usage of solar energy. It is technically known as the STC (small-scale technology certificate) scheme.

Solar Spirit explained to me how I could avail the STC scheme. Basically, every kilowatt of solar energy generated in Australia generates an STC certificate. All I needed to do was to sign the STC certificates, hand them over to the solar sprit. They trade those certificates with the energy producers in exchange for cash. This way the energy producers around the country indirectly pays for our solar panels Australia.

Before telling that, let me explain how much rebate can we get in exchange for the certificates. For per kilowatt of solar panels installation you get approximately $500. I installed a 5 KW system at my house so I claimed $2450 in rebate.

But here’s a catch about Aussie solar rebate system. The amount of rebate drop by ~8.4% every year so the rebate you may get in 2021 might be a bit lower than 2020. So you want to maximum rebate then you must contact Solar Spirit at the earliest.

There is one more good news if you wish to go solar. Although the rebate keeps dropping so do the prices of solar panels and at Solar Spirit, they are already fairly reasonable.

You can check here if you are eligible for the victorian solar rebate. If you are then welcome to the club mate! You can claim up to $1850 rebate and on top of that, you can also apply for an interest-free loan!

Thanks to Solar Spirit, after the two rebates, I had an almost free residential solar power system Melbourne. I still chose to take the interest-free loan cuz why not. In a couple of months, my instalments will be completely paid. Once that happens, I am visiting Solar Spirit again and get more installed on my rooftop!

Contact Solar Spirit if you too wish for the best solar system along with a guiding team. Hope to see you there mate!

Solar Spirit has established itself as a renowned solar panel, solar battery and solar inverter provider for residential as well as commercial uses in Melbourne

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